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Stain Cleaning


There is a number of factors influencing the cleaning effect of natural stones. Some are fixed and thus unfortunately have limitations in the cleaning operation. Others are flexible with more open options.

    Fixed factors – limitations:

        • The object and its sensibility;

        • The type and amount of the impurity;

        • The degree of cleanness required;

        • The age of the impurity.


    Flexible factors – possibilities:

        • Cleaning agent – the unique factor chosen for the actual cleaning operation;

        • Dwelling time of the product;

        • Rinsing temperature of the cleaning water;

        • Mechanical impact on the surface, such as water pressure;

        • Flow rate of the rinsing water.


    Cleaning methods: outdoor and indoor

    Methods for cleaning impurities from a surface

    Basic cleaning agents for indoor cleaning

    Cleaning fittings and walls

    Faηade cleaning